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DEI Promotes Dan Caban to Director of Cybercrime Investigations

DEI is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dan Caban, EnCE, CCE to the position of Director of Cybercrime Investigations.

This appointment represents the streamlining of both Mr. Caban's responsibilities at DEI and the company's efforts to tailor its services to the evolving nature of internet and computer-related crime.

Mr. Caban has been with DEI since 2005, and since then has conducted hundreds of internet investigations and has been instrumental in the development and advancement of the company's proprietary, web-accessible Integrated Case Management database (ICM). The ICM incorporates a wide range of functions necessary to manage a high volume of fast-paced investigations, including several open-source data mining utilities. The ICM allows DEI and its clients to conduct intelligence-led investigations by archiving and preserving large volumes of online content for use in convert investigations and litigation. The ICM database currently contains over 200 million records from forum posts, IRC chat, newsgroups and web sites.

Mr. Caban's skill set and his work with the ICM has allowed DEI to become a leader in cybercrime investigations in both Canada and the United States. DEI has contributed intelligence and expert testimony that has led to multi-million dollar judgments against individuals and companies accused of intellectual property theft and piracy on the internet.

DEI is an international leader in identifying the perpetrators of internet-related crimes and in preparing the evidence necessary to stop them. The creation of DEI's dedicated Cybercrime Investigations department under Mr. Caban's competent leadership will further advance DEI's standing as a leader in computer forensics, electronic discovery, document management and international cybercrime investigations.

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