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DEI Plays Integral Role in $51 million Judgement Against Satellite TV Pirate

Earlier this month, Robert Ward of Florida was handed a $51 million summary court judgement for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Federal Communications Act. The case arose out of a civil suit filed after Dish Network and DEI investigators found that Ward was stealing satellite signals, and helping others to do so by using online discussion forums.

The court found that Ward had violated the DMCA by distributing software designed to facilitate illegal access to Dish Network signals. In what will become legal precedent, damages were calculated according to the number of times files posted online by Ward were downloaded. Damages in the Ward case were awarded at a rate of $200 per download, but the DMCA allows for fines of up to $2500 per download.

DEI was instrumental in tracking the downloads of Ward's files, and in providing the expert witness reporting that proved Ward was behind the online aliases who posted the files. "This is a significant landmark in the fight against satellite piracy," DEI's manager of intellectual property protection services Dan Caban said. "The severity of the judgement will deter future pirates, and will assist in the prosecution of other targets whom we are currently investigating."

DEI's internet investigations specialists and proprietary software utilities continue to be an indispensible tool in the fight against satellite piracy and intellectual property theft. DEI's IP protection services are available to a wide range of clients. Any company with an online presence and a product to protect has a vested interest in protecting its intellectual property, and DEI has the experience and the tools required to offer a complete range of IP protection services.

To learn more about DEI's IP protection services, please call Dan Caban at 519-471-4120.: 

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