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DEI's ICM Archives its 50 Millionth Post

On Sunday, August 16, DEI's Integrated Case Management (ICM) Database Forum Crawler utility archived its fifty millionth online forum post.

The ICM has been crawling and archiving online discussion forums since 2005, and its archived post count grows exponentially each month. The ICM archives the complete contents of more than 600 forums, and this open source content has been used by DEI and other investigative agencies across the world in many legal proceedings. The ICM's data mining and records tracking functions make intelligence gathering an efficient and uncomplicated task.

The ICM is DEI's proprietary case management and open source data mining suite of tools. It is a complete records management system designed to fulfil the full life cycle of a corporation's investigational requirements from case creation to disclosure to prosecution & litigation. Efficiently managed intelligence, particularly in electronic form, is the key to a successful investigation. In an intelligence-led environment, the ability to archive, organize, and quickly retrieve all data relevant to a particular case is essential. The ICM is the industry-leading tool that maximizes intelligence-led investigators' potential to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

For information on how you can access the ICM and become an intelligence-led organization using a cutting-edge major case management records keeping system, please contact Steve Rogers

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