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Steve Rogers attends launch of International Cybercrime Research Centre

Steve Rogers was one of several leaders of business, law, and government in attendance at the launch of the International Cybercrime Research Centre in Surrey, British Columbia on July 8, 2008. The Centre, which received a $350,000 startup grant from the government of British Columbia, is the result of a partnership between Simon Fraser University, the B.C. government, and the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB). The Centre will focus its initial efforts on combating online child pornography with scanner-like tools that seek early identification of child abuse images. The Centre will work to fight social networking abuses and economic cybercrime, and will conduct research in online identity management and critical infrastructure protection. It will also conduct research into online crime trends and develop innovative methods to report them. One of the most important contributions the Centre stands to make is in the realm of global cybercrime, where a lack of legislation makes combating international offenses particularly difficult. "International collaboration together with intelligence gathering and analysis are critical factors to the success of online investigation," states Mr. Rogers, who heads up Canada's most effective online private investigations firm. The Centre's director hopes to develop cybercrime as a field of study at the graduate, undergraduate, and professional levels.
POLCYB is a non-profit society whose goal is to bring together experts to combat and prevent online crime. Mr. Rogers serves as an advisor to the POLCYB Board of Directors, and participated in a panel of experts discussing efforts to combat child pornography on corporate networks.

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