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Digital Evidence International Inc.

Intellectual Property Protection

DEI’s team of internet investigation specialists are “enforcement-minded” and willing, able, and prepared to conduct covert online investigations to protect your intellectual property. We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients' legal teams, and have commissioned many affidavits in support of our work in detecting, investigating, and litigating those who seek to profit from the copyright, trademark, or patent rights of others.

Through DEI’s Global Brand Monitoring™ system, our clients are notified by email almost the instant a brand, copyright, or trademark abuse is detected. DEI’s team then conducts an exhaustive investigation by preparing comprehensive reports that provide in-depth analysis of all available information. Our work cannot be equated to a simple internet search. DEI’s investigators understand the internet, what makes it work, how people interact with it, and most importantly, how people profit from it. Not every abuse requires legal action, but those that do require a team of experts that have international contacts and know how to interact with foreign jurisdictions, international legal teams, global ISPs and computer emergency response teams.

Our initial consultations with a client involve an assessment of their internet exposure, discussion of their expectations, and development of a customized approach to meet those expectations. DEI then provides Rapid Response™ email updates to its clients. To minimize cost and to remain focused on protection, those risks and threats that are identified as actionable result in DEI conducting exhaustive internet research and providing a comprehensive report that details all aspects of the suspects and the abuse. Our investigation and reports often result in supporting affidavits when legal action is required. Our team has given our clients support throughout legal proceedings that has included attending court and giving expert testimony.

Whether your matter involves the unlawful sale of counterfeit products, hacked programming code, pirated music and movies, abuse of a branded or trademarked image, or fraud, DEI is ready to help.

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