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Computer Forensics

Assignment Profiles

DEI’s computer forensics assignments have covered all Microsoft operating systems, MAC, Linux and Unix. They have involved such things as corporate mergers, theft of intellectual property, labour disputes, internal theft, fraud, professional misconduct, employee termination, wrongful dismissal, software piracy and regulatory matters. We have worked for all sizes of corporations and for government agencies at all levels.

Highlights of our assignments are listed below. We would be happy to speak with you about references on a case-by-case basis.

  • Participated in the service of approx. 60 Anton Pillar orders, many involving multiple locations requiring the identification and capture of terabytes of data across hundreds of devices at the defendants' premises.
  • Copied the computers used by key corporate custodians and the data from a legacy file server in a complaint of internal fraud of hundreds of millions of dollars. Subsequent analysis identified many related files that were provided to forensic accountants for further review.
  • Copied file server and work stations to analyze databases in a complaint of professional misconduct. Resulting analysis revealed backdated database entries.
  • Captured and analyzed data at a medical facility that was suing for downloading copyright material. A systems administrator was found to be responsible for the offending activities.
  • The Plaintiff in a billion dollar litigation required assistance with identification, capture and processing of large volumes of encrypted user-created files and email at client locations in southern US and Switzerland. Service required capture of key custodian workstations, servers, removable media, and backup tapes, as well as processing to DEI litigation support database at client facilities.
  • Litigation of theft of intellectual property from allegations dating several years previous. Assisted client with drafting correspondence to request disclosure, resulting in the capture of several computers at off-site facilities. Resulting analysis of workstations and backup tapes identified many documents supporting clients' claim.
  • Copied approximately four terabytes of data for a regulatory matter. Processed the dataset and delivered output to the US for integration with an external litigation support database.
  • Met with client to provide consultation in identifying repositories of data for a regulatory matter. Copied the identified storage devices including laptops, workstations, servers, and backup tapes. Processed user-created files and email based on client criteria. Resulting output was provided to client in native format as requested.
  • Defendant requested assistance with reviewing affidavits of plaintiff's computer forensics expert that had resulted in issuance and service of an Anton Piller Order. Resulting analysis and affidavits brought the matter to trial, where the Order was set aside.
  • Numerous assignments requiring reconstruction of time line of events from work station and internet computing activity.
  • Reviewed databases from hard drives used by consultants in the financial industry and proved entries were backdated to limit liability.
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