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Computer Forensics

Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis and proper examination of digital evidence requires technical, analytical, and investigative skills. DEI's team has a high skill level across all three of these components, enabling it to offer the most comprehensive examination of computer technology available. DEI’s team is as strong as they come! Using the world’s top forensic utilities and additional software packages, DEI has amassed an arsenal of software and hardware that will meet your unique requirements. Whether your case is theft of intellectual property, counterfeit, copyright, pornography, murder, fraud, breach of contract, bankruptcy, database analysis, wrongful dismissal, divorce, child custody, or employee termination, DEI has experience with it all. At DEI, we strongly believe in discussing the specific circumstances of your matter in words that you can understand. We don’t believe in inflammatory statements, buzz words, or hype.

When it comes to a forensic analysis of data you want the best, and DEI is the best!







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