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Intellectual Property Protection


Online counterfeiting and grey market sales cost corporations a loss of brand good will, decreases in sales revenues, and an increase in product liability. DEI has the unique ability to monitor online sales and provide its clients with daily updates quantifying the impact of these illicit markets. DEI's ability to identify and investigate unlawful sale of counterfeit products will give you the ability to react quickly and aggressively with the best available information. DEI’s daily email updates of e-commerce sales quantifies your exposure to illicit markets and enables you to make financial decisions based on real time e-commerce sales.

By opting to use DEI’s Occurrence and Serious Crime Investigation Database™ database, our clients can empower their own in-house team to record the events surrounding their investigation, assign tasks to team members, record time spent on a particular target, and even record and track evidence purchases. DEI’s extensive police experience together with its technical skills make it the best choice for your online investigative requirements.



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