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Digital Evidence International Inc.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics Defined:

"The methodical acquisition, authentication, reconstruction and examination of electromagnetic storage media using computer software, hardware and analytical techniques for the purpose of presenting digital evidence at any judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding."
-- S/Sgt. Steve Rogers, RCMP London, ON 2000

Computer forensics goes well beyond the scope of services offered by in-house IT professionals. It involves technical, analytical, and investigative skills not typically provided by system support personnel. At DEI, we pride ourselves on our high level of skill and expertise in computer forensics acquisitions and examinations. Using the latest hardware and software, along with our specialized training and experience, our team is able to handle the smallest and the largest assignments. Our team has the unique ability to collaborate in-house by drawing on each team member's strengths, which makes DEI a formidable presence for your litigation support requirements, affidavits, and expert witness testimony.

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