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Intellectual Property Protection

Auction Monitoring

Monitoring online auction house sales for trademark and copyright infringment can be a very time consuming task. Searching, reviewing, classifying, recording, and reporting can take a great deal of time. With DEI’s proprietary auction monitoring technology, the task is much less arduous, more efficient, and more effective. DEI’s proprietary database allows for automated auction searching based on keyword classification by product, term groups, or campaigns. Additionally, email updates to auction house staff and to client representatives keep everyone informed of actions being taken to remove offending auctions. Every auction submitted to the auction house is automatically captured in the DEI database and preserved with an industry standard MD5 hash value for evidentiary purposes, should the need arise.

DEI’s monitoring team reviews the results of its automated search algorithm that runs at strategic times throughout the day. DEI compiles a monthly report that identifies offending auctions by the date the email notification was sent, the location of the auction, and the category of offending content.




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