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Digital Evidence International Inc.



DirecTV, Inc., Bell ExpressVu and Echostar v. John Doe

Since 2003, DEI has conducted internet investigations on behalf of the plaintiffs DirecTV, Bell ExpressVu, and Echostar Satellite Corporation in numerous enforcement proceedings involving manufacturers, distributors, and customers of illegal piracy hardware and software for satellite signal theft. We have assisted with obtaining numerous Anton Piller Orders across Canada which have resulted in the seizure of hundreds of thousands of illegal products and business records. We have provided on-site computer forensics services at multiple locations simultaneously, conducted forensic analysis of many terabytes of data, archived thousands of websites and forums, commissioned affidavits, and given expert evidence in legal proceedings.

Walden Electrical ats Lopes Mechanical

Conducted internet investigations for the defendants after the execution of an Anton Piller Order and through expert witness testimony contributed to succesfully setting aside the Anton Piller Order. For more details on the case, click here.


Provided computer forensics acquisition and analysis services, and commissioned affidavits and gave expert witness testimony in defence and counterclaim.

NovaGold Resources Inc.

Provided electronic discovery collection services of terabytes of data.

Factor Gas ats Norman Jean

Participated in the execution of an Anton Piller Order providing independent third party computer forensic acquisition and analysis services.

BCE Inc ats Teleglobe

Conducted investigation into network access, collected custodial records for electronic discovery, and provided regular detailed written reports on progress.

Windsor Essex Health Care Unit

Assisted WEHCU with on-site acquisition of computer evidence, conducted a computer forensics analysis, and prepared detailed report in an employment matter.

Air Canada ats Westjet

Assisted the plaintiffs with collection and analysis of eletronic records.

Karry ats Karry

Acted as court-appointed independent computer forensic specialists in the on-site collection and subsequent analysis of a number of personal computers and servers.

Nobles County Sheriff's Department

Provided computer forensic analysis services in the prosecution of copyright violations.

Griffith Labratories ats

Assisted with the execution of an Anton Piller order at multiple locations simultaneously and the subsequent forensic analysis of electronic evidence.

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