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Computer Forensics

Anton Piller Orders

DEI is probably the most experienced computer forensics service provider in Canada in terms of assisting with the execution of Anton Piller Orders and search warrants. Our team regularly provides sworn affidavit evidence, and has participated in the execution of numerous Anton Piller Orders across a wide range of employment, copyright, trademark, and other assignments. Our team is skilled at providing controlled on-site acquisition of computer evidence at simultaneous search locations. We ensure all data is collected, and that continuity of evidence is maintained. Proper advanced planning and consultation is essential to ensure that all participants in the service of an Order understand their responsibilities, and that the Order is properly served and executed. Ongoing open communication between all participants in advance of the execution of the Order ensures that all third party service providers are well-versed in the legal teams' expectations.

DEI recommends that you seek computer forensics advice well in advance of any proceedings. This allows us to assist your legal team in understanding the complexities of digital evidence, and prepares them for opposing counsel's forensic experts' affidavit. It also minimizes the possibility of a subsequent court order requiring a confusing, unreasonable, or impossible forensic analysis.

If you want experience, DEI has “been there and done it”!






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